Shane Berger


Excel Extraordinaire. Budding Developer.

Pushing the Boundaries

With a variety of Excel skills at my command, such as the use of logic, advanced lookups, conditional formatting, Visual Basic for Applications, and more, I can develop spreadsheets for most any scenarios. Already have an existing spreadsheet? I am almost certain that I can apply these certain sets of skills to enhance your productivity in such ways that some may say, "Excel wasn't meant to do that".

Expanding Horizons

Looking for a web developer, but hesitant to pay exorbitant fees? If it isn't a rush project, consider hiring a developer who is still learning the ropes. You will get a satisfactory website at a lower cost.

Contact Me for Details

My current rate is $10-$15 per hour for the first 8 hours of the project, depending on how confident I am on the subject matter. Contact me for details.